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“There are lots of stories in between, not all of them recountable.” – John Whitmore.

The greatest insights into John Whitmore’s significant life have come from the more than 120 interviews (and counting) I have conducted in the past 10 years with those who knew, worked with, were closely related to, or otherwise had a strong association with John. The main interview archive includes in person interviews, Skype sessions and Whatsapp calls, a couple of dozen email exchanges and even a couple of old school faxes.  

Their memories and anecdotes comprise the most valuable aspect of my research for this biography. Even more so when you consider that as these older generations pass on, their colourful stories, which would otherwise have been lost, are now fully documented for posterity in my audio recordings, transcripts and archive.

I have traversed South Africa several times and spent countless hours curating this truly unique collection of personal histories documenting John’s influence on and involvement in South African and international surfing, body boarding and Hobie Catting.

The contribution of the following interviewees will appear in the book in one way or another:

US / International Interviews

Hobie Alter (RIP)  • Eduardo Arena  • Bruce Brown (RIP) • Gordon Clark • Dick Metz • Drew Kampion • Walter Hoffman • Wayne Schafer  • Mike Hynson • Robert ‘Wingnut’ Weaver 

South African Interviews

Dave Abromovitz • Claus Andrup • Clive Barber (RIP) • Cornel Barnett • Peter Basford • George Bell • James Bell • Caleb Bjergfelt • Peta Bjergfelt nee Whitmore • Peter Bjergfelt (RIP) • Harry Bold • Paul Botha • Mike Brown • Mitch Brown • George Bunting (RIP) • Ahmed Collier (RIP) • Ken Colman • Robin De Kock • Chele De Villiers nee Whitmore • Andre De Villiers • Blaine Dodds • Trevor Espey • Shaun Ferry • Geoff Fish • Graham Freeling • Harry Fuchs • Bruce Fyfe • Patty Gerstle nee Krause • Gus Gobel • Paddy Greenacre • John Grendon (RIP) • Gary Haselau • John Heath (RIP) • Dave Hill • Philippa Hill nee Hulett • Brian Higgo • Des Horn • Gary Horne • Mike Hornsey (RIP) • Nicky Hough • Chrome Hunter • Graham Hynes • Derek Jardine • Derek Kershaw (RIP) • Hans and Di Klein (RIP Hans) • Cheron Kraak • Earl Krause • Gerhard and Pam Koper • Ashley Lazarus • Dave Lee • Sian Lilford nee Whitmore • Roy Linley (RIP) • Kobus Louw • Peta and Tony Louw • Brian McClarty • Ian Macdonald • David Meneses (RIP) • Pierre Meintjes • Gerda Bus Mitchell (RIP) • Roly Moller • Nola Muller • Shani Nagia • Ed Nilson • Brian O’Donnell • Andrew Ogilvie • Sigurd Olivier • Donald Paarman (RIP) • Johnny Paarman • Leone Paarman (RIP) • Timmy Paarman • Peter Parkinson • Anthony Piataki • Peers Pittard  • Robbie Ponting • Robert Price • Hylton Purvis • Mike Ray • John Reid • Gavin Rudolph • Pippa Sales • Eddie Scarpa • Shane Shewan • Bernie Shelley • Margaret Smith (RIP) • Robin Solomon • Brian Southwood • Greg Stokes • Sally Sturrock-Bekker • George Thomopoulos • Shaun Tomson • Gordon Verhoef • Tobie Van Zyl • Max Wetteland (RIP) • Mick Whitehead • Colin Whitehead • Barry Wrankmore • Beau Wrankmore • Peter Wright 

Special Mention

These are the people who have especially gone out of their way to help me with my research: 

• Dick Metz, Linda Michael and Barry Haun (SHACC) • Matt Warshaw • Sian Lilford nee Whitmore • Peta and Peter Bjergfelt (RIP Peter) • Earl Krause • Patty Gerstle nee Krause • Johnny Paarman • Geoff Fish • Pat Flanagan • Deon Bing • Caleb and Shane Bjergfelt • Cara Khan • Glen Thompson • Robin de Kock • Craig and Lorrin Jarvis (for putting me up several times in St. Francis!) • Steve Pike

If I have forgotten anyone please let me know. A heartfelt thanks to everyone on this page for your time, feedback and other support! 

If you knew have an interview lead, please let me know at or call me on 079 966 2548

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