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“There was no one in the water in those days, people didn’t use the surf.” – John Whitmore

In the past decade, I have compiled a library of more than 500 photographs centred around the life of John Whitmore, sourced from photographers, family collections, private photo albums, scrapbooks, archives, publications and a few taken by myself.

I have obtained the rights to use most of the photographs in my possession, including those take by prolific period photographer Gordon Verhoef, and I’m following up a few leads to source a several more before we produce the book. While some of these images have been published alongside articles on or by John Whitmore and in a few books and on a few websites, many have never been seen before.

These will be published for the first time in his biography, which will have dedicated photographic sections containing a few dozen of the very best images relating to John’s eventful and adventurous life. The best of the rest will go, with permission of their owners, onto the wonderful world wide web.

Here is a small selection of the treasure that is the John Whitmore photographic library.  Please click on any image to open the photo carousel below.

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If you would like to contribute photographs to this project, please get hold of me on the contact details below. 

While all effort has been made to obtain the rights to publish some of the photographs here, if we have used your image without permission please contact me and I’m sure we can work something out or I will remove the images in question immediately.

Photographic Contributors

Many thanks to all of those who have kindly helped me with my photo research or provided me with photographs and allowed me to use them in the book.

• Andrew Ogilvie • Dave Meneses (RIP) • Derek Kershaw (RIP) • Dick Metz/SHACC • Earl Krause • Eddie Scarpa • Sharon Marshall • OC Carstens • Gary Haselau • Gerhard Koper • Gordon Verhoef • Hans Klien • Leone Paarman (RIP) • Margie Smith • Michael Brown • Mike Hornsey (RIP) • Roly Moller • Nick Hough • Robert Price • The Whitmore family archive / 079 966 2548

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