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“What you put in is what you get out.” – John Whitmore.

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Please donate any amount. This could be a one time donation or even just 5, 10 or 15 US dollars (around ZAR70, ZAR140, or ZAR200), either as a one off or monthly stipend, to help support the John Whitmore Book Project and to ensure it is definitely published in 2023.

All donations will be gratefully acknowledged on this site (unless otherwise specified), and all donors who provide contact details will receive special rewards and early bird offers when the book is published.

Please contact me directly on or call +72 79 966 2548


We are currently seeking support from companies to partner with us to produce this book. If you are interested in in sponsoring to this project as a brand, please contact me to find out what kind of media package we can offer you in return. This will include a brand presence on this website, plus the book itself and more.

Please email or call +72 79 966 2548 for more info.

Follow The Oom

Currently there are three social media channels dedicated to John ‘The Oom’ Whitmore, a thriving group on Facebook, as well as updates on Twitter and Instagram.

To Follow The Oom on Facebook and Twitter please click / or or search for the hashtag #followtheoom.


Please spread the love by sharing this site and our blog and social posts with others in your networks and spread the spirit, the gees, of The Oom far and wide.


Leave a comment or anecdote anywhere on this site; ask a question; start a conversation; or praise, debunk, or abuse us – it’s all good!


If you have any stories, archive documents or photographs you think we might be interested in for the John Whitmore Book Project, please also contact me at or +72 79 966 2548

Many thanks

Miles Masterson, March 2023

Donor List

A special thanks to the following people who have donated to the cause so far:

Dick Metz / Surf Heritage and Culture Centre, Laguna Beach, United States

Earl Krause, Cape Town, South Africa

Mike Frew, Durban, South Africa

Brian McLaughlin, Laguna Beach, United States

Pia De Villiers, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Cornel Barnett, San Francisco, United States

Ant Brodowicz, South Coast, South Africa

George Thomopoulos and Lorna Currie, London, United Kingdom

Matt Warshaw / Encyclopedia of Surfing, California, United States

Des Horn, Onrus, South Africa

Byron Loker, Cape Town, South Africa

Anthony Paitaki, Cape Town, South Africa

Richard Johnson, Bristol, United Kingdom

Cleeve Roberts, Cape Town, South Africa

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2 thoughts on “Support

  1. As a young amped outa my tree to be surfing grom I used to luv visiting with school mates and local Beta rd bakoven locals Martin van Geems and Tony Mansfield …somehow they always used to get one of the Ooms boards from underneath the house…..We were so little it took 3 of us to carry it…then we’d go and surf Barley Bay making sure it was returned before anyone noticed it was missing….had so much fun !!


    1. Classic story Glenn! John was such a perfectionist I reckon he probably saw the boards had moved a bit and knew what you ous were up to ha ha!


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